Defence for the (metaphorical) win

Date Played: 13/05/2017

Kia Ora 13 vs Vic Uni 20

Kia Ora Score: 6

Opposition Score: 29

The game was tough against a solid Vic defence and a GS who could basically do the splits. Thankfully our girls never gave up the fight and managed to disrupt Vic's game with a number of tips and intercepts across the court


Our mid court obviously paid attention at practice this week because they managed to keep their cool, play their own game and slow the ball down when needed. Defensively we had a great game! The entire team kept their arms up, kept their partners annoyed (in a good sportswomanly way) and we got a lot of turnover as a result. Not to be missed, our shooting circle kept talking to each other and made some great space

Special Mention:

All of the fine ladies of team 13 have been absolute troopers as Stacey and I constantly shift them around, trying different combinations and pushing everyone out of their comfort zones. This week saw Becky thrown in the deep end as we shifted her from C to GD with fantastic, outside arm using, intercepting the ball constantly, results! As a whole the team are really starting to talk to each other and gel!

Next steps:

Drink.....literally. After the game we headed straight to our lovely sponsors Gasworks for a well earned beverage. We also plan to work on our feeding in to the circle and our back line throw ins....after the drinking

And some thanks:

Shout out to our side line supporters (3pm is not the easiest game time to stick around for) and our coach support Bec (who mostly hung around for the after drinks I suspect). Also shout out to our referees who did a great job!