Convincing win!

Date Played: 13/05/2017

Kia Ora 3 vs Vic Uni 7

Kia Ora Score: 31

Opposition Score: 18

After a strong game last weekend we went into this one determined to step it up another level. The main goal was to look after possession both on our centre pass offs and on turnovers, we also wanted stronger defence in the attack end to really mess up Vic Uni’s options.

We had a slow start ending the quarter down by one, but after a quick change to the midcourt bringing Sophie on at WA, we started to see some beautiful passages of play. Sophie’s timing was on, she was always available and helped open up space as well as feed some great ball into the shooters. Well deserved POD!

Our shooting duo of Ash and Tash worked so well together, their goal percentage was high which was so impressive against the animal like defenders who were climbing all over therm.

Kaille, Jenna and Sophie linked the attack end so well, great to see the ball not been forced in every time. Both Kaille and Ash earned themselves a converted turnover and Jenna the work horse earned herself POD by Vic Uni.

The score reflects the effort of our defence end Briar, Mikayla, Kansas and Mereli - they were all so strong! Vic Uni only managed to score 2 goals in the 3rd quarter and 3 in the last quarter! I could pretty much put any of you together and know it would work. Mereli gained a huge amount of ball and was always backed up by one of the girls. Mikayla hussled in WD shutting the WA out as an option. There was more of a calmness in bringing the ball down this week which really paid off. 

Talk about a defensive game! I think we were a lot more disciplined than the Vic girls, we walked away with a few battle scars – bruised and clawed literally. But onwards and upwards! We can’t get complacent, we’re up against the top 2 teams next and there are areas that we need to work on at training.

Thanks Hope for your very vocal support on the sideline with me! It really helped lift the girls on court, hope you recover quickly! Thank you to all our other supporters too!

Very proud of your efforts girls well done!