Another week, another heart attack!

Date Played: 13/05/2017

Kia Ora 1 vs Vic Uni 3

Kia Ora Score: 42

Opposition Score: 41

The game was INTENSE and more tense than it should have been, but what a result! As with our previous weeks this was a game of inconsistency but when it mattered we held our composure, we worked hard and we scrapped our way to the win. Congratulations ladies, so great to see the heart being shown and you all stepping up when we needed it most. - despite the ups and downs and dramas this was our best game to date!


There was 59 minutes of the game where we see sawed with a never say die Vic Uni - but I will focus on the last 60 seconds. We had fought back to 41 all, we had possession and we calmly (although sometimes I think the umpires three seconds were a lot slower than mine) worked the ball into the attack end. We learnt from last week where we forced the ball into the circle and lost possession so we were not going to do that again! We passed and passed and passed the ball around (Sophie, Abbie, Sophie, Keels, Claire, get my drift) until the opening happened with nine seconds on the clock and the ball was fed into Kate for the shot. BUT WAIT THERE'S MORE...Kate then passed the ball out! The side line were screaming, the seconds were ticking away, but never fear, with one second to go the ball was fed in, a contact call was made and Kate very calmly slotted goal #42 after the final buzzer! Two of the four sideliners could not watch (coach included) but the screams were enough to know we had done enough!

It was also great to try lots of different combos this week so we have them ready to go when we need them. We look forward to welcoming Bex back which will give us even more options as we head into the next few games which (as with all games in this grade) are going to be tough!

Special Mention:

Box for her absolutely stellar performance this week - 13 gains of possession, calmness on attack, constant communication and the common sense to walk away before she got herself cautioned for dissent! Special mention also needs to go to Mel who was her equally menacing partner in crime this week, coming away with 10 gains of her own and fighting till the end even though she was dead on her feet! The three defenders (with Claire in WD) were on fire, pressuring the pass and working tireless on attack.

The last special mention goes to Kate for finishing the job for the team - nerves of steel I have to say!

Next steps:

Work on our decisions, decisions, decisions and on clearing the mess!

And some thanks:

Vic Uni for a nail biter, to Rosie for being our scorer and to all our wonderful supporters :)