3 for 3 for KO7

Date Played: 13/05/2017

Kia Ora 7 vs SMOG 10

Kia Ora Score: 32

Opposition Score: 22

We got the first score, as we did with our previous two matches, and we held and increased that lead the entire game! Our mid court players got some beautiful intercepts and had great back up for each other - most notably when Amaria flew off court but managed to tip the ball back into play before landing, and our C Emma was right there to grab it and drive it up court.

Our ladies up front at attack worked well. A dodgy arm didn't stop our GS Kariba from popping them up and a moment of ballerina balance from Sarah our GA was a thing of beauty. 

Amy did a fantastic job at WD and caused mayhem for her opponent (which was massively enjoyable to watch) as did Lucy in GD against a very rough but very frustrated GA with our Lucy not giving her a break!!!

Andrea and Bex were GK'ing to the max with a very good SMOG GS missing a lot of shots due to the pressure of our defense ladies, those two can box(out) better than Mike Tyson!! Livvy in WD in Q3 made life easy for out D ladies by receiving some great backline passes and then driving the ball up to our middies.

Special mention to Emma 'Bounce' Kew our POD - this girl has energy to burn!!!!!
Thanks to our super supporters, partners and friends for cheering us along from the sidelines. Supporter of the day goes to Rob who was our stats God from the balcony!
Cheers to Coach Walker for demanding a high standard from us each week so we keep improving game on game!!!