Date Played: 4/29/2017

Team 7 vs Ories 3

Kia Ora Score: 36

Opposition Score: 35


Our first game against Ories 3 was a tough one! They were a very physical team but we didn’t let them push us around. It was goal for goal pretty much the whole game, but our amazing lines down court and trust within each other let us pull away with a one goal lead.

Sarah and Catherine worked beautifully in the circle together; they talked, balanced well and backed each other up. Catherine had a 100% shooting percentage and Sarah (Our 2nd MVP for the game) only missed a few, to allow us to convert from every turn over we got.

In our defence end we put a lot of pressure on the ories shooters. Our MVP of the day Andrea hustled her GS to get 3 clean intercepts for the day. They threw a lot of ball out of court from our tight Defence combo!!