First up a win!

Date Played: 4/29/2017

Team 06 vs  St Francis 2

Kia Ora Score: 37

Opposition Score: 18

What a victory. We had the game sorted within the first quarter and no matter what combos Box and I threw out there the team kept its form and kept building an impressive lead.


The fact that despite some combinations not having been trialled previously, that didn't slow the team down at all. People made smart choices and were not afraid to slow the game down when necessary.

Special Mention:

Our player of the day was Sam for providing the calm and the balance in the attack end, those feeds! But honestly we could have given it to so many of our players as there were many notable performances.

Next steps:

Keep building our combinations, no resting on our laurels we came to win people!

And some thanks:

The team and the few supporters we had who really helped cheer us on!