Always nice to get the first win on the board!

Date Played: 4/29/2017

Kia Ora 1 vs Karori 1

Kia Ora Score: 50

Opposition Score: 46

The game was a pleasure to watch and such a promise of things to come for the rest of the season. We got all 10 players on court, tried different combinations (including some untested ones and new positions!), shot and defended well, learnt from our mistakes each quarter and had fun, I think thats enough for Game 1!


After a strong start in the first quarter we lost our way a little bit and went into the first break behind on the score board. From there we regrouped, upped our intensity, defence and accuracy and pulled out to take a four goal lead into half time. It was then a seesaw battle, with the second half a tie and the final margin the same four goals. The players and coaches all felt the same though, that we were the stronger team and that we would come through for the win but that did not help the side line nerves with nails and pens taking a hammering! This is such a good team, we have speed, height, game smarts and freakish magnetic hands (Keels!) so bring on the rest of the season!

Special Mention:

Ri earned herself the MVP award this week, playing an unbelievable game at GS for her first outing with the team - the poor Karori defenders had their hands full with her ability to drive, hold, catch all passes at all heights and calmly slot goals at a very high percentage! Welcome to Kia Ora Ri, we are so glad you chose us :)

Next steps:

Allow time to recover from a tough 60 minute game (aches and pains have been reported!) and work on our options and combinations - as these grow we will be unstoppable!

And some thanks:

Everyone for supporting and cheering us on - we appreciate the support (apart from Sophie who we have learnt hears nothing when she is on court and in the zone!!).