A fab start to the season!

Date Played: 4/29/2017

Kia Ora 12 vs Kia Ora 13

Kia Ora Score: 31

Opposition Score: 9

It is always tough playing your own club, especially the first game of the season, however it was nice to have a friendly competitive and positive game. Thanks Kia Ora 13 for the game and good luck for the rest of the season.

We started the game with a very new defensive circle and I was really impressed with how Mel and Nicole put the tactics we had practiced into play. They did a great job of confusing the space for the shooters and putting pressure on both the pass in and shot for goal. Despite being the shortest player in the goal circle (and playing GK for the first time ever!) Nicole came up with a stunning intercept in Q2. Mel was incredibly consistent on court, pressuring the opposition attack end and helping drive turnover ball down the court by being a pass option, a well earned player of the day.

Our midcourt all had really good games and their arms over the ball lead to a number of deflections and tips, everyone got at least 1. Eva made her WA opponent work hard to get on the circle edge and gave excellent support to the attack end by driving the ball down the court and being an option for the re-set pass. Annette was her consistent self and was always finding space to be a pass option, you were also a lot more vocal on court which I know is hard work, but really important as the new team learns to play together. Both Annette and Ang put some excellent balls into the shooting circle and used patience to make sure that the pass was on. It was great to see minimal number of balls go out the back of the court. Ang was in a newish position of WA and I was impressed with how well she managed to drop her WD player by cutting and driving on to the top of the circle, you really owned that key feeding position!

Our shooting circle is unchanged from last season and it really showed. Lizzie created space in the circle for Kirsten by timing her drive and keeping the opposition guessing whether she was putting up the shot or passing to Kirsten. Lizzie's box-out under the post also gave us the best position to compete for rebounds. Kirsten gave another of the solid shooting performances we are coming to expect. In addition she has mixed up her play to be more mobile by driving out of the circle to be a pass option, it worked well at putting the defence in two minds about whether to follow or not. For the first game you both had solid shooting stats and a number of rebounds each.

Although it was great to start the season with a win we do have some areas to continue to work on, in particular positional play on court and being more vocal (I know its hard when you are puffing from the running!) so we will work on these at training. You all played with a great positive attitude and support for each other on court, lets keep that going for the rest of the season because its all about having fun!