Going out with a bang!!!

Reporters Name:  Rachel Crerar

Date Played: 3 September

Kia Ora Team:  Kia Ora 12

Opposition Team Name:  Vic Uni 24

Kia Ora Score:  33

Opposition Score:  24

The game was:  A real surprise!  Staring down the barrel of playing with only six players, including  no shooters, the need to mix it up meant that the decision to just enjoy ourselves and have some fun was an easy one to make.  With two of our defence players looking to take on shooting roles, it certainly wasn't our standard game plan.  Luckily, the unexpected last minute arrival of our GS Mandy McGill (yay!!!!!) provided us with an "actual" shooter, and with her, the hope that we might not get our butts kicked too badly!  Surprisingly as soon as the first whistle blew, the team was relaxed, laughing, and having fun - and the magic began to work!  

Boy were we surprised by the way the game unfolded.  We were moving the ball down the court with efficiency and effectiveness - and we were getting them in!  Managing to stay goal for goal with Vic Uni during the first half, we started to believe that we might actually have a fighting chance.  Then came that sweet third quarter!  Some well placed intercepts, beautiful passes down the court and into the shooting circle, and Mandy's quick fire shooting, saw us put away a string of goals in a row, and pull away with a 10 point lead.  

With a now frazzled Vic Uni team, and a GS who was on fire, we held onto the lead in the last quarter to come out with our third victory of the season!  The team couldn't have been prouder of  everyone's efforts.  We played like magic!  What a fantastic end to the season.