Only one more game to go?!?!

Reporters Name: Kansas Davis

Date Played: 9/3/2016

Kia Ora Team: Kia Ora 6

Opposition Team Name: Ories 2

Kia Ora Score: 27

Opposition Score: 35

The game was: Much better than last week! With the exception of a few player, it felt like a different team that we were playing, which was great!

A highlight was : We played well again this week, holding our own for majority of the game. We drove hard on attack, got some great intercepts and defections on defence. We kept our heads nice and level throughout the game, which is exactly what we needed to do to keep ourselves in the game! It was fantastic to keep this weeks score to a narrower margin, play a consistent game, and to not have another winded player :P

A special mention to: Heaps of special mentions and notable achievements in Kia Ora 6!! To Sarah and Mayce to holding their own in a very physical circle, putting up the shots and rebounding them beautifully when you couldn't see the hoop due to hands being in the way, to Erin for some fantastic movement in and around the circle when in GA and WA, to Jenna for consistently being there throughout the court and running like crazy for the whole game, to Penny, very similar to Jenna, always being their to provide options and putting pressure on the ball in WD, to Ash, our token white lesbian b***h, for incredible pressure on defence and putting up with some interesting verbal comments from her partner, and to Niquita for holder her own on an incredibly mobile shooter and driving hard for the second phase of throw ins and back up passes. We've had a bit of a rough season, but we've stuck together, developed our connection, we always put in our best, and we have fun!!

Following this game we plan to...: Last game of the season, lets have a fun one girls. Let's put everything out on the court and have a laugh!

Thanks to: Thanks to Kirstin for the high fives every time we came off court, needed the positively to keep ourselves up this game! And thanks to Tessa, Abby, Niquita's Dad (sorry don't know names...), baby one and baby two (who tried to have a peek up Ash's skirt) for always being on the sideline for us, we really appreciate having you there each week :)