Kia Ora 9 vs 7... (insert dramatic sound effect here)

Reporters Name: Steph Slattery

Date Played: 3/9/2016

Kia Ora Team: Kia Ora 9

Opposition Team Name: Kia Ora 7

Kia Ora Score: 20

Opposition Score: 17

The game was: A great episode of 'Kia Ora's got talent'... both teams displayed great skills, fiestyness and determination.

A highlight was : It was a tense game with no team gaining more than a two point lead for quite some time. We came out storming in the second half though with a couple of D turn overs (lovely work Sarah and Christina) and the attack banking every opportunity we had to gain points. The entire team kept their heads in the game to deliver a steady performance, taking us to a win. A big thanks to Kia Ora 7, it's was an extremely competitive game, and it was nice to play a team with a similar style to us - after a season of Vic teams (I'm sure you find those zippy ones frustrating too).

A special mention to: Our player of the day this week was Fliss, our star GS who played to the ref and showed nothing but composure.
Special mention goes to Katie - our usual GA, who stepped up in the C bib this week and nailed it for the whole game. Thanks Katie!

Following this game we plan to...: Enjoy our last game and get ready to drink wine and dance in pretty dresses at prizegiving! Right after we get through our inaugural 'Olympic training' ... being new to the club I am yet to discover what it's all about, but I have heard mixed reviews :O Me thinks the legs will be suffering on Tuesday. Here's to an Olympic finish from team 9!

Thanks to: Thank you to Sharon from Kia Ora 10 for standing in as our 8th player on the bench :)