Finals Here We Come!

Reporters Name: Rebecca Williams

Date Played: 3/9/2016

Kia Ora Team: Wolfpack Team 10

Opposition Team Name: Wildcats

Kia Ora Score: 28

Opposition Score: 26

The game was: What a thriller of a semi finals! A massive comeback in the last two minutes to draw the game with 2 seconds to go! Then overtime ekkkkkkk

A highlight was : OMG I nearly died at least 4 times on the sideline, but what an amazing united effort it took all of these amazing ladies to rally there strength and dig deep for the biggest upset in this grade. Bex was my amazing sideline/scorer, thank you for putting up with my craziness. Thank you to the whole team, every single one of you dug so deep and put your team mates first and tried so hard. I am so proud of the 360 in the team turn around from the beginning of the year. Its been hard but man it makes the win so much sweeter because we all worked for this!! Nothing has been gifted so enjoy this week you have done the impossible!

A special mention to: Wildcats were a class act! Top of the table they have beaten us every game from grading. In fact they bet us recently with just 6 players! So they admitted they went into this thinking it was going to be easy and did not expect the determination they encountered. I spoke to their team afterwards because they are a very talented team and were top of the table all season. Both teams had amazing comments to say about each other and want both to be acknowledge for there amazing sportsmanship to each other and towards their competitors. Stacey made a very good point, they should join our club :-) Great bunch of ladies

Following this game we plan to...: We stayed and watched the other semi final of our grade and all made notes of the team and players we will be coming against this Saturday. We are going to build our player and team strategy this Thursday then we are going to hit the court and put that plan to action so its fresh in our minds and body for Saturday!!

Thanks to: To Bex again for being my rock. To all the lovely supporters who came to cheer my girls on and probably laugh at me losing it. I know my coaching style is different from others and some think its tough, possibly even mean but I need you all to know I spend a lot of time before the game reminding them of all the strengths and skills they have as an individual and that is acknowledge not by just me that the whole team are aware of everyones abilities. I try to remind them they are human and they are all going to make mistakes and to take that anger of making a mistake and channel it into getting the ball back. I believe so much in these ladies and feel I am the 8th player on the sideline. Solutions, energy and intensity is so important and that as a coach is all I can give once they hit that court. Hopefully we can get a few supporters to our game to watch and can't wait to give it ago in our 3rd final as a team. Bring on Saturday!!!! Whoop Whoop