All Hail Queen Courtnee

Reporters Name: Becs Todd

Date Played: 3/9/2016

Kia Ora Team: team 3

Opposition Team Name: St Catherines 1

Kia Ora Score: 29

Opposition Score: 32

The game was: Intenser than an intense thing

As the title of this weeks report suggests Queen Courtnee played a starring role in this weeks game. She was thrown into GA (normally she is a highly performing GD) due to the unavailability of Ash. The only one who was nervous about it was Courtnee. The rest of us had utter faith and believed that with her strength of play and combining with Penny would make a solid shooting circle. This faith was not misplaced either I might add. Courtnee came out firing from the first minute, owning the circle and popping up shots from left right and centre. I don't have the stats with me while writing this, but I can assure you they are pretty impressive for a specialised GD.
In piling the praise on Courtnee it would be incredibly remiss of me not to point out the rest of the loyal subjects who put in a phenomenal effort. I asked them at the beginning of the game to up the intensity and to leave nothing out there on the court. They delivered. The intensity was so intense (poetic huh) that Hannah and I were both shaking on the sideline and ended up slightly hoarse from all the yelling.....
The game see-sawed back and forth throughout with them taking the lead, then us, but no one getting more than 3-4 goals ahead.
Unfortunately we were not the front runner when the final whistle went. If the game was 42 minutes long we may well have been able to do it, but alas the timer wasn't broken and we had to stick to the 40.
The drives through the mid court, the intercepts, tips, pick ups, rebounding, accuracy of passing were all a credit to the effort every member of the team put in.
I would like to say thank you to all the team, especially you Ash - I know it was hard to be there but the whole team is with you. You girls did your Coach and each other proud on Saturday. You should hold your heads high and know you did your very best :)