We always had it in the bag....or at least beside the bag

Reporters Name: Tess

Date Played: 8/6/2016

Kia Ora Team: Team 2

Opposition Team Name: East 4

Kia Ora Score: 26

Opposition Score: 25

The game was: A great one, and it was nice to see both teams smiling and giving it their all! This game went goal for goal for most of the game, neither team could get a break on the scoreboard but I always knew we were dominating in all areas and would get there in the end, although my nails were taking a hammering as the score ebbed and flowed.

A highlight was : Everyone did their job and did it well, and the stats really showed how much of a team effort this was: Tamara received the majority of the centre passes which allowed us to set up our attack around her; the shooters shot a combined 26/32 and Rosie picked up two intercepts on defence; Abbie controlled the circle feeds and found awesome positioning on the edge of the circle; Kirstin came into the mid court and calmed things down (except for a particularly impressive spin move with under arm flick pass into Anna); Amy got three 3 ft marks off the east mid court; Box had 10 tips and intercepts (!!!!!); Bridget had a strong game particularly in WD where she picked up three turnovers in 10 minutes; Claire worked hard all game but the last quarter was all hers as she gained the two critical gains in the last five minutes!

A special mention to: Box was MVP this week after another fantastic performance in both GD and GK - I am sure the East feeders and shooters were praying for her to be subbed off but that was never gonna happen!

Following this game we plan to...: Work on removing the silly errors from our game so we make the most of our turnovers, three round robin games left and we want the maximum 12 point from those to set us up for finals!

Thanks to: Our supporters ( as per every week!) and Holly for being our awesome scorekeeper!