Team Cheers and the Maternity Netball Skirt

Reporters Name: Tracy Taylor

Date Played: 8/6/2016

Kia Ora Team: 4

Opposition Team Name: Wellington East 8

Kia Ora Score: 24

Opposition Score: 31

The game was: Entertaining and enjoyable, not reflected by the final score.

First credit to Team 4 on Saturday. The only team at ASB to warm up outside...doing a lap of the stadium, and Kris wanting to do more!

However I do have an observation about how to do a team cheer - from experience - plan it, try and keep to one word max, watch those multiple syllables! Unless your team are professional rappers. Unfortunately I did not pass on my golden rules to new Captain Lucy, so the first cheer of 'Play our own game and have fun' came out a bit garbled and Kia Ora came on court with something that sounded like 'pretty fly for a white guy'...

Anyway, to the game...
In the first quarter our shooters were taking a few unnecessary long shots, but it was soon apparent that there was room to move. The feeders Shannon and Allie were reading Kris and Anna really well and the movement in the circle was really clear.
The second quarter was when the attacks really came into their own, Allie, despite a dramatic change in her centre of gravity did well driving to the top of the circle where she was able to vary the feeds into the shooters.

Note to club members - if you wonder why Kia Ora doesn't have netball dresses for their uniform - it is because of players getting pregnant during the season. The stretchy waist elastic serves as a fantastic maternity outfit - check out our Ali wearing a size 12 uniform stretched to a size 18 waist.

In defence a change to stop some momentum in the East shooting circle had some effect (call it the Tash Factor) but it was difficult with their GA having a such fantastic game.
In the first half Kia Ora were a bit slow to react to turnover by their defence and were getting stuck too high to move the ball down court quickly. In the second half that improved 100%, with Lucy supporting all the way to the attack third and Renee and Shannon balancing and driving. 

In the last quarter Liv came back on after having a little bit of a roll around on the sideline and had her best quarter - getting way up for some well timed rebounds and way down to pick up a lot of loose balls.

The whole game was a chase where Kia Ora were within 4 - 6 goals, but in the last minutes of the game Wellington East found another gear and took out a lead that did not reflect the game, and was a credit to their shooting circle.

I thought that the new KA4 shooting combination looked great with lots of drives, holds and triangles that Anna clicked into straight away with our Player of the Day- Kristeena.

Kris, you can see when she is enjoying herself, her movement in the circle and her confident shooting was really great to watch.

Enjoyable to watch, some stuff to work on, but the season isn't over yet and some things are worth the wait!

Thanks to: Thanks to Renee for coming back and slotting in so well. 

Thanks to Wellington East for another fun game (we heard you lost a shooter to Ireland like we did) - conspiracy theory anyone?