One winded Penny and a bruised nose later

Reporters Name: Kansas Davis

Date Played: 8/27/2016

Kia Ora Team: Kia Ora 6

Opposition Team Name: Ories 2

Kia Ora Score: 31

Opposition Score: 41

The game was: In a nut shell, rough. Physical netball is something we can handle, but unfortunately the game was a bit more than that. But on the plus side, we played our own game for the first three quarters of the game. We reached our game of scoring more than 6 goals in the first quarter, and then smashed that out of the park by scoring 13 in our third quarter!! That bought the score back to within 4 goals! 

A highlight was : We played our own game! Our third quarter was definitely the highlight of the game! We stepped it up a gear and that was awesome! Just what we needed to pick ourselves up after a rough first half.

A special mention to: Everyone deserves a special mention this week. It takes a lot to come off the court after a game like that and see the positives like we did, even though there were a few tears from the physicality of the game. We played a good game! Lets hope when we play them again this week that we can step it up a notch and have some fun!

Following this game we plan to...: Have fun! Only two weeks left this season so we have to make the most of it :)

Thanks to: Huge thank you to Hannah and Courtnee for being our coaches on the sideline this week. We really appreciated your tips and feedback on the game, telling us to keep our heads up!