Maybe our best game of the season

Kia Ora Team: Kia Ora 6

Opposition Team Name: Vic Uni 10

Kia Ora Score: 33

Opposition Score: 35

The game was: Wonderful and heart breaking all at the same time! Lost the toss at the start of the game as the umpire surprised us with flipping a coin (but I'd been practicing my paper scissors rock all season!!). All good the team said, we just need to break their first pass. And that just what we did! The game was pretty much goal for goal the whole way, with the occasionally break from both teams here and there by both teams. We really stuck to basics, ensuring our passing was accurate, that we came around cleanly in defence and that we got rebounds when it mattered. We went into the last quarter two up and the mentality that if we keep up the way we were play (calm and controlled) then we'd be fine! Which was good until the last two minutes were we made a few simple mistakes (stepping, breaking... how silly) and Vic Uni jumped ahead to take the game. So I said, fantastic game, if not our best, but heartbreaking to play so well and have something so simple ruin the score.

A highlight was : After an intense defensive session with Tessa and Box, it was awesome to see some of the defensive elements we worked on come into play in our game.

A special mention to: Kirstin forgot to give out play of the match which she remembered later at club night (yes we're still waiting......), but I felt that whole court defense was incredible, in particular Penny and Niquita tipping and picking up ball everywhere throughout the game. The pressure over the ball coming down court, as well as Vic thinking that their shooters being a bit taller than us was a good advantage, resulted in a lot of high/wild ball going to the circle, which we were able to pick up. Great work all round though! Our connections coming down the court were on form. We drove well, had two options for each pass and looked in to our shooters often.

Following this game we plan to...: Play the same, but even harder! Last game of the round girls, lets smash this one and get the win!