Don't sweat the petty things and don't pet the sweaty things

Reporters Name: Becs Todd

Date Played: 20/8/2016

Kia Ora Team: 3

Opposition Team Name: St Mary's 3

Kia Ora Score: 21

Opposition Score: 38

The game was: 40 minutes long, made up of four quarters of ten minutes each.....

A highlight was :

A special mention to: Ash Bell for her outstanding accuracy in GS! 83% in 1st quarter, 80% in 2nd, 86% in 3rd and nevermind the 4th as it doesn't matter!

Thanks to: Trina for stepping in after our SOS and thanks Rob for letting us steal her we definitely owe you one!

FreeForm Format: Picture this if you will. Game starts at 11 o'clock. Clock ticks over to 10.50 and we only have six players..... What to do what to do. I didn't bring my shoes with me this week as we had (in theory) eight players with Ash coming out the other end of the flu and Tracy T still hobbling a bit, but they were going to hopefully do half a game each (and nevermind the fact I can't shoot to save myself so I wouldn't have been much good there anyway). Clock ticks over to 10.55.... mad dash over to Team 4 to beg and beg to steal Trina who had come along to get some court time. Promised them if/when our AWOL player turned up I would send her back. Thank god for Trina is all I can say! We managed to take the court with a full team and when said AWOL player (who shall remain nameless and had been ready to go at 9am but had the time wrong....) arrived Trina dutifully headed back to Team 4 as promised. 
Now onto the game itself. Not our best work. The one thing I will say is that we were consistent for three of the four quarters and scored six goals in each but also letting the opposition get four points ahead in each. The fourth quarter we only managed three goals but also restricted them to six, so top marks for consistency!
The biggest part of our game that really let us down was our accuracy of our passing. We had a total of 20 bad passes throughout the game. Some of these came from great defensive pressure that St Mary's put on, but some were just us not landing the pass where it should have gone. We saw St Marys fully utilising the injury/player sub rules (which we were a tad confused about...) and they subbed their WD/GD on and off at least seven times throughout the game which didn't really add too much to the game as they were all as good as each other. 
Our defensive end worked like Trojans again and managed 16 tips and turnovers - if only we had been able to convert them we would have been in with a chance (see above comment re bad passes). 

Anyway the final game of the round coming up - sure has turned out to really be a must win for us to maintain our spot on the table so lets make the most of the opportunity to stamp our mark!