Tough slog

Reporters Name: Bex Williams

Date Played: 8/13/2016

Kia Ora Team: Team 10

Opposition Team Name: Olympic

Kia Ora Score: 20

Opposition Score: 25

The game was: Bloody tough game but we never gave up.

A highlight was : Our defence never had a chance for rebounds as our opposition shot and only missed twice so all the turnovers they won for us was before the shooters got the ball, and man did you do the team proud with all those intercepts!!!

A special mention to: Eulah and Nina we're outstanding together! Eulah was player of the game and was a fearless leader.

Following this game we plan to...: Unfortunately passing errors were way to high and we need to get back to some basics in that department.

Thanks to: I know Stacey was sick and Lauren was unwell by half time so a big thanks for staying on court and trying your best. A huge thank you for Kellie changing to C for the rest of the game to help give Lauren a break while not feeling the best