The Magnificent Seven Rule! No bonus point here!

Reporters Name: Gayle

Date Played: 13/8/2016

Kia Ora Team: KO 1

Opposition Team Name: PIC 4

Kia Ora Score: 43

Opposition Score: 37

The game was: So well played by the mere 7

A highlight was : Wow hearing our 8th player was out only a couple of hours before our game put the pressure on a bit but knowing the amazing team 2 were playing before us I was sure a few of them would be sideline for us, they are so accommodating to say the least. 
Team talk was, you will be playing all game unless you collapse so give it your all and that they did. Everyone had their best game of the season for sure and they played as a perfect team, looking after each other and being available to each other throughout the entire game.
Di and Rachel are an amazing combo in the defensive circle and came up with some amazing rebounds tips pickups and intercepts and with Bex playing out of her skin at WD attaining 4 well timed intercepts and another few pickups we really put the pressure on PIC attack.
Sophie was on fire too and one of her 4 perfect intercepts was denied by the umpire but we all saw it and applaud her. Erin's first game back was a goodie, really attacking well and feeding our shooters well, who both had great games mixing things up well with Francie shooting 34 of our goals and Keely acting as another great feeder confusing the PIC defense.

A special mention to: POD was awarded to Francie this week for her tireless play especially while having to battle some pretty aggressive play from her opposite GD. Also a huge thanks to Tess for taking over our score and holding her own against some pressure from PIC bench questioning the score and Box, Claire and Rosie being sideline, I am so pleased our 7 took the game themselves but was pleased to have options if needed.

Following this game we plan to...: Work on winning each game from here and hope to be first place at the end, not much to ask

Thanks to: Once again thanks for all the sideline support, your yells of encouragement were great!