Dora (aka Jeanne) has gone off exploring, don't forget your backpack and map

Reporters Name: Becs Todd

Date Played: 13/8/2016

Kia Ora Team: 3

Opposition Team Name: WEGC 6

Kia Ora Score: 16

Opposition Score: 38

The game was: A lesson in how to play netball & unfortunately we weren't the teachers.

A special mention to: Player of the day went to star defender Courtnee who got 5 tips and 2 clean intercepts. Rebounding was on form - only problem there weren't many intercepts to actually get! Great game Court!

Thanks to: Sarah for ably stepping in so Emma didn't end up coughing up a lung or two.

 I think that the score line pretty much sums up this weeks game. We were well outclassed by a pretty slick opposition. We had no answer to their drives, feeding and accuracy of passing and shooting.

We were down to the bare minimum 7, with Penny away snowboarding and Tracy T resting an ankle injury. We called on Sarah who was also filling in for Ashs team to ensure we had at least another player on the sideline that wasn't me :) Poor Emma had been (in her words) the sickest she has ever been on the Friday so reckons she was firing at about 20% - not that you would know it - she had a fantastic 3 quarters only coming off after a bossy coach told her she needed to rest!

Ultimately there isn't much else to say about the game - they were rough (as you expect East teams to be - have to be careful about what I say here as it appears Kia Ora aren't the only ones who read our write ups - who knew!), our accuracy of passing took a turn for the worst but our patience was better and we didn't get angry or dirty - we were just well beaten by the top of the table.

We will dust ourselves off and regroup for the next game.

Unfortunately it was Jeanne's last game with us as she has now left the country for her big OE. Shame we couldn't have had a better result but the whole team wishes you all the best on your adventure and we are already looking forward to you returning to the club in 2 years time. You have been an invaluable player and it's been an absolute pleasure having you in the team.