Never go to bed angry, stay awake and plot your revenge.....

Reporters Name: Becs Todd

Date Played: 30/7/2016

Kia Ora Team: 25

Opposition Team Name: Newlands College Old Girls

Kia Ora Score: 25

Opposition Score: 20

The game was: Revenge, sweet revenge.

We had a point to prove at this game, the first encounter with NCOG we came away with a win, and a good win, then the second encounter they taught us a bit of a lesson so we were determined that this time we were going to swing the odds back in our favour. We were down to the bare minimum of 7 again, so like the dutiful coach I am I donned my netball shoes and cut my pretty pink nails for the event of just in case. My instructions to the girls before they took the court was god help you if any of you get injured and I have to take the court. Luckily (for them or me I am not sure) they all came through with no injuries.
We started the first quarter strong with our combination of Ash and Penny in the circle working really well with knowing each others space and telling the feeders of Emma and Anna where they wanted them to go. In fact I saw Penny pointing to Anna at one point where she wanted her! (Gayle's comment to the girls at training was that the feeders are your slaves). At the end of quarter time it was all evens, but then we started to slowly pull away in the second half. Our defensive end got a bit of a shuffle at half time and made an immediate impact. It was great to see Megan back at full fitness and she definitely got into the shooters heads and also got our POD.
Basically NCOG got rattled- we did not. We had young WEGC referees who were not the strongest (to say the least) but did a relatively decent job of not getting intimidated by particularly the C and GA who were actually yelling at them for most of the game! They got angry and we kept our calm for the entire 40 minutes which showed in our great patient and sensible play.
This revenge was sweet and the fact that they didn't get a bonus point made it even sweeter.

Nice work ladies - so proud :)