And its about time!

Reporters Name: Kansas Davis

Date Played: 7/30/2016

Kia Ora Team: 6

Opposition Team Name: Vic Uni 11

Kia Ora Score: 38

Opposition Score: 20

The game was: AMAAAAZZZIIIIINNGGGG!!!! 18 points!! After have a pretty rough session, everything just seem to come together at last today! We hit all of our goals for the game, smashed them out of the park even! It was just what we needed :)

A highlight was : Everything went well (with the exception of some so-so passing in the first quarter), we were hungry for the ball, we were calm, we took our time throughout the court, the passing into the circle was on point, we got a lot of turnover ball throughout the court and scored off it! Everything that we've been working on in practices came into play today and we nailed!

A special mention to: We all played our hearts out today, and it was fantastic to have all 9 of us here today. Jenna played a great game at C for the whole game and just kept going, trooper :)

Following this game we plan to...: Try and do the exact same thing next week!

Thanks to: Thank you so much to Megan for coaching us today, you gave us great advice in the breaks and kept us calm, thank you! And thanks to Kirstin for the pep talk before the game and cheering for us from your own court, I'm sure I could hear you