A Game to Forget...

Reporters Name: Rob Osman

Date Played: 7/30/2016

Kia Ora Team: Team 8

Opposition Team Name: Wellington East 9

Kia Ora Score: 14

Opposition Score: 28

The game was: This game sucked big time for us and I can't really say anything enlightening because there weren't a lot of highlights to comment on maybe only for the first two quarters we were in the hunt before it all went downhill. First of all, before I paint the picture, a BIG THANK YOU to Kirstin and Felicity in helping us out in the GS position. You ladies didn't have to but it was great to have your support for two quarters each considering both your games were straight after ours! I know this team is way better than the score suggests but no point dwelling on it as it chalks up a loss regardless. Our problems at the moment are around injuries and this game added to that - first AJ coming off in the 3rd with a foot injury but had to limp back on in the 4th when Holly at WD and her opposite accidentally collided while both going for the ball, sending Holly to floor and coming off second best with mild concussion. Next Amaria at GD, collapses in a heap in the 4th with her achillies giving way, not serious fortunately but it all adds up. For a moment I thought I was in an episode of MASH with Paramedics attending to Holly on the side and me dragging Amaria off the court as if we were taking sniper fire, while the game continued on in the dying minute. But c'est la vie, we move on, we will regroup as a team and see what this week brings. I hope for one thing no more injuries please.

A highlight was : A highlight? Hmmmm...

A special mention to: Emma was nominated by Wellington East 9 as their player of the day.

Following this game we plan to...: Following this game, hopefully we will have close to a full team.

Thanks to: A special thanks to Kirstin Bringzen-Lantz and Felicity Fozard for helping the team. Much appreciated.