Bring on the Prem 3 Cup

Date Played: 2/7/2016

Kia Ora Team: KO 1

Opposition Team Name: QM Coll 1

Kia Ora Score: 43

Opposition Score: 54

The game was: .

A highlight was : It's been a long time since I've seen a group of athletes head into a game with such enthusiasm and determination! We knew this game was going to be a real battle, and the second placed team would be back in Premier 3 for the rest of the season, so our warm up was taken extremely seriously this week and we went on ready for said battle. We had a real shaky start as QM Coll were obviously as passionate for the win as us and with their top notch goal scoring we finished the first quarter 10 goals down. That's not too bad to peg back. Changes in tge second quarter were designed to thwart the feeders getting ball to their shooters, and everyone did their job well but we lost that quarter by another 3. Let's try and work with this combination for another segment and see what happiness, 3rd we won by 3, then the last we won by 2. Not enough to make up for the hiccup of the first but we didn't disgrace ourselves by any means.

A special mention to: POD was awarded to Aimee for her tireless efforts in both attack and defence. Feeding into the circle by Aimee, Katie and Sophie is spot on for the most part with everyone ready to play it around to get our shooters into the best spot. Great patience! Our shooting stats were still on the low side but that's something we are really working on.Our defense had their work cut out for them for sure, knowing there wouldn't be many rebounds to contest meant it had to be stopped before the circle. Our first string circle defenders Bex and Megan were dwarfed by the school girls so bringing the tall timber of Mellie and Di into the mix helped a bit there . An ongoing problem ailing JT saw her come off at halftime allowing Shani to show her worth with a great hunting game, and was great to see the old pairing of Mellie and Di once more.

Following this game we plan to...: We already know our goal for the rest of the season, so we will work on some new combinations as another one of us will be leaving in a couple of weeks, boo!

Thanks to: The team for working hard so far and for keeping the enthusiasm up for this next round. oh and to Mellie for bringing her netball shoes all the way from Auckland!

Reporters Name: Gayle