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Reporters Name: Becs Todd

Date Played: 7/16/2016

Kia Ora Team: Team 3

Opposition Team Name: Tawa 1

Kia Ora Score: 22

Opposition Score: 41

The game was: A lesson in how to play netball

The reason for today's headline is not to again show an inability to do math, but to highlight that if we could just count two of our quarters (or 50%...) instead of the whole game we were totally in it! 
Given we were down to the bare seven players with illness and injury still striking us, including two of the aforementioned seven running at less than full fitness we didn't do too badly at all. Credit has to be given to Tawa as they were pretty slick. They had come up from Prem Reserve 3 and I can see why. They were young, fit and also had a squad of about 30 so nearly had a fresh team on at each quarter. No such thing as school holidays for these girls! They tended to read our play and were out hunting all the time coming up with numerous tips and intercepts.
Our defensive end came up with a number of intercepts and tips, but the rebounds were hard to come by given their shooters tended not to miss. Our middies and attacking end had a good driving game and showed the patience we have been looking for when feeding the circle. We did get caught standing quite flat on occasion, which you can't do when playing a team like that. All in all it was a good clean game - they were just the better team. Wouldn't mind seeing them progress through to the final and head on up to Prem Reserve 1! Gayle - we need to get the GK and GA to sign up for Kia Ora - if we start priming them now I'm sure we can secure them when they are old enough :)