The Comeback Kids strike again

Reporters Name: Gayle

Date Played: 9/7/2016

Kia Ora Team: KO 1

Opposition Team Name: HHF !

Kia Ora Score: 47

Opposition Score: 44

The game was: Intense

A highlight was : Wow, down 11 goals at the first break, argh!! But we won't panic, it's early days, we just need to tidy up our unforced errors, shoot the goals, easy! A change saw Katie go into WD, an unfamiliar position for her, but she was asked to just annoy the HHF attack end, and who knew Katie was so annoying? She really rattled the feeders and along with great defensive work by both Di and JT who picked up an intercept, a rebound each and Di a couple of well timed pick ups we came away with a 13-9 quarter, much better. Bex then took on the annoying WD role again for the 3rd quarter and did that well, with our circle defenders keeping up the momentum, another 15-9 quarter. And did I mention our mid, attacking and shooting players finished off in great style, with both Keely and Francie having their best shooting average game in a while.Up by 3 heading into the last quarter we knew we had it as long as we scored off each of our centre passes,it didn't quite work that way, but the turnover ball we picked up was converted with aplomb and we came away with a much deserved win.

A special mention to: POD went to Sophie who had a great attacking game, and her first full game since coming back from injury. Her and Aimee's feeds into our shooters were on form this week, making sure we didn't put them under pressure before they needed to finish off, after all that's the feeders jobs and they performed the task brilliantly. It was a true team effort this week and everyone should be so proud of themselves, I know I am proud of us! We were stingy with our errors in the 2nd, 3rd and 4th quarter which was great to see. Onwards and upwards team, we are going to have a great finish to the season for sure!

Following this game we plan to...: Find where our gear bag is! Does anyone have any idea??

Thanks to: Megan for taking the pressure off me allowing me to keep a combination on that was working while we were still too close to call things!