Team 7 play to their potential

Date Played: 18/6/2016

Kia Ora Team: 7

Opposition Team Name: Kia Ora 9

Kia Ora Score: 34

Opposition Score: 11

The game was: A phenomenal display of Team 7 playing to their potential

A highlight was : in the words of Abi....Attack Angels and defence demons!
Switching smoothly from putting pressure on the ball and players and getting great turn overs to controlling it through court and making it count. You looked like a team and played like a team. Best I've seen people play so far. Great seeing the support and back ups through court.

A special mention to: Everyone!

Following this game we plan to...: make sure we play every game like that!

Thanks to: Abi for sideline words of wisdom.

Reporters Name : Perdita Barnes