One done, two to go

Date Played: 6/18/2016

Kia Ora Team: 2

Opposition Team Name: Ories 1

Kia Ora Score: 30

Opposition Score: 18

The game was: All round, pretty darned good! This week saw us up against Ories who had won their way into our grade and would have been brimming with confidence after their great start to the season. We were determined to play our game and show them how big the gap between PR2 and PR1. Everyone on court worked really hard all game and really stuck to their own goals which saw us come away with a big win.

A highlight was : 3 Held ball calls, the first of which made coach and bench jump up and scream hysterically after waiting two weeks for these calls. It was great to see us keep our calm under very tight man on man defence and play top quality netball, including another 100% shooting effort - last week was Anna, this week it was Kate. Our defensive work is really clicking now and everyone from attack to defence is picking up ball and our focus now needs to be on converting those into goals.

A special mention to: This week I could not split the MVP awards so Claire and Kirstin shared the honours. Kirstin built on her form from last week and showed her strength defensively as well as playing high quality attack. Claire was outstanding too, her and Bridget really clicked this week after some focused training and Claire picked up endless ball along the baseline including a very classy round the body intercept!

Following this game we plan to...: Practice our passing!!!!

Thanks to: Our supporters and the umpires for managing the physicality and allowed this to be a great game.

Reporters Name: Tess