Premier 2 Here we come

Date Played: 6/11/2016

Kia Ora Team: Team 1-2 and others!

Opposition Team Name: SMOG 4

Kia Ora Score: 45

Opposition Score: 45

The game was: TENSE!

A highlight was : What do you do when you only have 2 fit and 2 injured/ill legitimate team members to take the court. With injuries and absenteeism we were totally depleted and I was tearing my hair out trying to figure out how to field a team, let alone, OUR TOP TEAM of the club! Everything has been against us this season so far, but with the wonderful services of Shani stepping in to help with the slack, Kelly making herself available when needed and the amazing Team 2 members, we have managed to achieve the first goal I set out at the start of the season, finish on top of Prem 3 and get promoted to Prem 2. Now the fun will start, we won't be able to keep this position if we don't have the team and the commitment from all fit members. As we can only play people up twice we are running out of options. But more on that with the team, let's comment on this week's game. This was a tight game right through, when finally SMOG 4 made a break which saw us 8 goals down at some stage during the 3rd quarter, but by the end of that quarter we had narrowed the gap back to 5. Resting Kelly our super sub centre for the 3rd quarter did the trick, she came back on all fired up, and with amazing shooting by Rosie, intercepts, rebounding and pick ups from Shani, and all round great team effort from everyone we finally attained the draw. Well done all concerned and thank you so much, you were awesome!

A special mention to: POD's went to both Rosie and Shani, comments on why are above. Thanks so much to Abbie, Amy and Rosie from Team 1 taking the court for us this week, and also to Box and Claire for being sideline just in case. You are all absolute superstars and without you we would have been toast! My shout for wine at your team dinner too!

Following this game we plan to...: Try to get some form of stability in the team, it's been hard to get combinations together when we have a different team each week. Not to mention the stress on yours truly trying to find players each week too.

Thanks to: Thanks to all the supporters, we made great noise on the sideline I am sure that egged our team on for sure.

Reporters Name: Gayle