The Most Postive Second Place Getters on the Planet

Date Played: 6/11/2016

Kia Ora Team: 5

Opposition Team Name: Vic Uni 6

Kia Ora Score: 16

Opposition Score: 34

The game was: Always going to be a tough day at the office. We were playing top of the table who are already guaranteed a promotion spot. We were just fighting to keep us out of the relegation spot.

A highlight was : This girls worked so hard for the full game. Even with a rather large deficit they were still extremely positive. Encouraging each other and working hard to keep each other going. This is the sign of a quality team and I am very proud of you all. We had lots of ring ins as our team is a smidge depleted due to injury and Rachel and Kaille just slotted in!

A special mention to: POD went to Stacey who had a stellar game at GK. Countless intercepts and great rebounding position for the whole game. Well done mate!
Special menation to Kez, who is working her butt off filling in where we need her and doesn't complain one bit. You're an absolute star! Also helps that you are amazing!

Following this game we plan to...: Work on the new combos that have had to happen with these new additions to our depleted team.

Thanks to: Jayna - you are an epic captain. We love you and you will defo be missed over the next few weeks. But have an amazing trip! And thanks to Chloe for stepping up to captain to fill your very big shoes!

Reporters Name: Ash Bell