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Kia Ora Team: Kia Ora 3

Opposition Team Name: Newlands Old Girls

Kia Ora Score: 33

Opposition Score: 18

The game was: A lot less of a challenge than we expected it to be. Although NCOG were sitting 6th on the table they had been pipped at the post most times by about 2 goals so we thought they would give us a run for our money. They didn't. I will put that down to our amazing defence, sensational mid court and phenomenal shooting circle. We were only up by 2 at quarter time but then just ran rampant in the next 3, to the point where Emma and I started chatting about things other than netball in the final quarter (when the game did get slightly messy....). NCOG have been playing together for years & years - noted that the entire team was older than me. Pretty impressed that those ladies can still play at that level at their age. Something for all the team to aspire to. Great game after the week off, solidified our position of 3rd only being beaten by 1 point.

A highlight was : Great lines, great team work, great feeding, great shooting, great defence. Don't really need to say anymore than that!

A special mention to: Ash and Penny. Ash was shooting like a star, great positioning around the circle for the feed, which brings me to Penny who was the workhorse around the outside of the circle feeding into both Jeanne and Ash allowing them to be the show ponies that we know all shooters are (coming from the worst shooter in the club...)

Following this game we plan to...: Work on our combos in the shooting circle for when Jeanne deserts us to head overseas....

Thanks to: Thanks to Megan for entertaining the thought that she was going to take the court after having her tonsils out 2 weeks ago and having a bit of an issue with keeping food down that morning. Cue the Mum coach laying down the law. Next week Megan!

Reporters Name: Becs Todd