Goals on the scoreboard and goals for everyone

Date Played: 6/11/2018

Kia Ora Team: Team 2

Opposition Team Name: Marsden 1

Kia Ora Score: 31

Opposition Score: 16

The game was: An all over performance from us, one of those ones where every player did their job and did it well! This game meant nothing in terms of the competition but very important for us to take the win and place our mark on the grade ahead of the challenge round. Everyone was given two individual goals and there were also two team goals and happily coach will be shouting wine at team dinner after we smashed them all!

A highlight was : How well all nine players played, regardless of their position or the combos around them and of course how we retained composure after we lost the first five minutes while we waited for umpires. Other honourable mentions go to the shooters for their 83.7% shooting including a perfect game from Anna, Abbie for dominating the circle feeds to all shooters, the whole team for three held balls (called or not!) and the defensive end completely overpowering the very talented Marsden shooters. This was by far our most complete game - especially with our defensive effort.

A special mention to: MVP this week was Box who had her best game of the season - three intercepts, a pick up, two tips and rebounds galore as well as a strong game on attack - anyone would think she wanted to teach these girls a thing or two :)

Following this game we plan to...: Prepare for the challenge round one week at a time - we have people away each week so we will be practicing our basics and training all our combos to ensure we are ready for whatever we face..