Woohoo, a win

Date Played: 28/5/2016

Kia Ora Team: Nine

Opposition Team Name: Vic Uni 14

Kia Ora Score: 18

Opposition Score: 16

The game was: A race for the win

A highlight was : First win for the season! It has been a tough round with two draws and a couple of losses but finally we have our first win in the bank and many more to come. This week we fought hard and it was a great game by all, neck and neck the entire game going into the last quarter down by one but able to keep going to the very end for a win by two.

A special mention to: Player of the day this week was Christina who was crook and probably shouldn't have been on court. I forced her to stay on for a half game and she fantastic. Third quarter the opposition was pulling away from us again so I begged her to go back on for the last quarter! Special mention to Sarah also, between the two of our circle defenders the ball was a mission to get in the ring for the opposition and with a couple of turn overs not going our way in the final minutes of the game Christina and Sarah were able to shut down any opportunities of Vic Uni concealing on the turn overs to draw the game.

Following this game we plan to...: Work on some midcourt, we were a bit cluttered at times and struggled to bring the ball through.

Thanks to: Nicole and her amazing cupcakes! Teneal for sideling (sorry if I spelt your name wrong?) And Erin, Husband and Baby for there sideline support..

Reporters Name: Nicole Harding