Team 11 knock it out of the park yet again

Date Played: 28/5/2016

Kia Ora Team: 11

Opposition Team Name: KO 12

Kia Ora Score: 33

Opposition Score: 12

The game was: A great run against KO 12

A special mention to: Emily - picking up loose ball left right and centre! Hanging out in the pocket and generally disrupting the opposition attack line

A slow start to the game saw us relatively even at the end of the first quarter, never fear however as the girls picked it up from the start of the second and ran away with the game! A good opportunity to mix things up slightly and try out some different combos.
Our attack end kept things nice and tidy with some wonderful drives onto the circle edge, balancing out the court nicely so there was no congestion!!
Kirsten's defence was all over the usual lob into the circle, so she kept them on their toes by mixing it up and giving them something to think about, holding front space when needed and always being an option.
Our defence had their work cut out for them as Mandy was having a brilliant game at GA but they never gave up, Katie & Kirsty coming away with some great tips & intercepts - a lovely little combo building there.

Everyone can enjoy a well deserved weekend off before we kick it up a gear in preparation for challenge round!

Reporters Name: TJ