Abra-Kebab-Ra and the 4000 holes

Date Played: 5/28/2016
Kia Ora Team: Team 4
Opposition Team Name: Wellington East 8
Kia Ora Score: 29
Opposition Score: 21

The game was: A timely and well deserved win. This a group of new players in an old team (there is a whole lot of history with Robbie's team) and they have really worked hard in a tough grade and deserve this result as a reward for their teamwork.

A highlight was : Lucy, Liv and Anna in defence - Anna forced errors with constant hassle of the pass, Liv had one of the best games I have seen in terms of anticipation and Lucy - well this Lancashire lass might be from the the town of four thousand holes but there were no holes in the opposition circle! At one point the GS and GA literally slammed into her and she just held her feet and carried on.
Michelle cruised up and down the court in centre and looked very relaxed.

A special mention to: Player of the game was Lucky - she owned the circle, shot well and set up nice space for the fantastic Kristeena to cut and drive. She has an interesting move (did it three times) in which she can take a high ball, almost fall over so that she is literally balancing on the ball... and then recover with a flick out to the feeders or a shot straight in the goal. I believe it is a move common in Gaelic Football - called the Abra-Kebab-Ra... And all Kia Ora Shooters should be learning it!

Following this game we plan to...: ..literally following this game Kris is going to run 10KM in the rain and the dark with a torch strapped to her head.
All in for training this Monday - taken by Shar. And the following Monday eat drink and be merry for her Majesty..

Thanks to : Wellington East - you were a nice team to play.
Super Coach Shar for stepping in and getting everyone working together, for new recruit Katie Mottram joining us and to the lovely umpires who looked so well - wearing white!

Reporters Name : Tracy Taylor