A Huge Team Effort Results in Victory over Vic Uni.

Date Played: 5/28/2016

Kia Ora Team: Team 8

Opposition Team Name: Vic Uni 12

Kia Ora Score: 32

Opposition Score: 15

The game was: The game was one won by the entire Team playing their part, resulting in a one of the best wins of the season. Last week it was our defence, this week our offence!

A highlight was : As we know, any Victory over Vic Uni is a sweet victory. They have always been a tough challenge but the result of Saturdays win was down to the whole team playing their part, creating opportunities, piling on the pressure on defence, giving good ball to our offence to put away some of the best shooting performances seen so far this season. I am proud of the way my team played on Saturday and it goes to show that a team that works as together as a unit will be hard to beat on any day of the week. Yes, there are still things to work on but we are heading in the right direction and what stood out in this game over last weeks huge defensive effort, was our offence. After receiving good ball from the work created down court, Erin at GS supported by Michelle at GA, gave us a 7 goal buffer after quarter 1. Quarter 2 resulted in a combination change, with Tash coming in for Erin at GS working alongside Michelle (which unsettled Vic) allowed us to continue the momentum going into 3rd, giving the whole team a confidence booster that did not help Vic Uni one bit! We piled on the pressure and ended the 4th with a massive 17 goal winning margin to seal the game in style! A margin that big, only comes down to every player doing their part exceptionally well, which as a coach, was pleasing to watch!

A special mention to: It is always difficult to put a individual performances on a pedestal, because it';s not an the result of one persons efforts that wins games, as in all cases it's a team effort, but I have to say, the outstanding shooting performance by Erin at GS on Saturday, knocking down 88% from all her attempts at goal, is hard act to miss. So well done Erin, with support from your team mates, you are my player of the day! Congratulations!

Following this game we plan to...: Continue to build confidence and dominate the 1st Quarter with every game!

Thanks to: Supporters and other Kia Ora Players!

Reporters Name : Rob Osman