Luckily the last 1/4 was only 10 mins!!

Date Played: 21/5/2016

Kia Ora Team: 11

Opposition Team Name: SCOG 3

Kia Ora Score: 24

Opposition Score: 23

The game was: A breeze for the first 3/4's....a nail biting final quarter but we came away with the win!! STILL UNDEFEATED!!

A highlight was : The final buzzer!!! Jeepers what a tense quarter! especially for yours truly who was swearing away on the side-lines (sorry to whomever was within earshot)
Breezed through the 1st 3/4's like a well oiled machine coming into the last quarter up by 8 the win was a sure thing.....or was it????
Perhaps we were a little over confident, perhaps we weren't expecting SCOCG to pick their game up and keep fighting, but either way we seemed to lose our way (and our energy) in the final 10 minutes. The girls did well to keep at I - tired minds and bodies as we pushed through with our starting 7 - no rest for the wicked hey ladies :)
First testing game of the season so great to see we can keep our heads and hold on for the let's pick it up and push on!!

A special mention to: Netty - who I swear ran at least half a marathon during the course of the game!!

Following this game we plan to...: Work on keeping our composure.....steady play for all 4 quarters

Reporters Name: TJ