Sooooo Close!

Date Played: 5/21/2016

Kia Ora Team: Team 10 aka Wolfpack

Opposition Team Name: Vic 15

Kia Ora Score: 20

Opposition Score: 21

The game was: We had a new training style this week for both our Monday night training and our Saturday game. This change has made a difference to how we jump on court ready mentally and physically. It just clicked!

A highlight was : Throughout the whole court the team clicked. We still had errors but we worked tirelessly as a team to win it back and fix it, it was amazing to watch. Defence, mid court and shooters it just all looked great!

A special mention to: Lauren had a fantastic game at WA and C. There was a moment where you threw a pass straight out of court to reset but missed out player at transverse, you did not let the error effect you. Instead you ran like a maniac at our opposition who were taking a throw in from your error and intercepted! Well done for not giving up! AMAZING

Following this game we plan to...: We need to still practice on some fundamental like last week

Thanks to: The whole team for giving 100%

Reporters Name: Bex Williams