We are blessed with amazing reserves!

Date Played: 5/21/2016

Kia Ora Team: 1

Opposition Team Name: East 4

Kia Ora Score: 45

Opposition Score: 29

The game was: A good spectacle from another brand new lineup

A highlight was : The motivational email to the team pre game finished with the quote, 'Netball injuries, ain't nobody got time for that!' We certainly have had our fair share of injuries this season and we're only 4 weeks in. It seems the new fashion accessorie for the team is a moon boot. So with 3 of our team sidelined and one away for the weekend, we were lucky to be able to call on a couple of ex Kia Ora stars, namely Kelly and Shani, to fill the vacant positions. First quarter was a bit rocky with everyone testing each other's play but we quickly settled and took charge of the game. Second quarter and odds were it would have to happen, Katie tweaked her ankle and needed to come off, so superstar Shani jumped into a position she wasn't familiar with, but with expert guidance from Tess stamped her authority on WA with gusto. Kelly our other ringin played her usual strong game in centre and our back lineup of Megan, Bex and JT are gelling so well as the season progresses they are a formidable wall in the defense end. Francie and Keely have a wonderful understanding (as does Katie with each of them too) and made the East defenders really work hard for any tidbit turnover. There weren't some areas that we need to tidy up but all in all we are well in track to where we want to be.

A special mention to: This week's POD was awarded to Francie for her strong attacking and shooting game, switching from WA to GA without a problem. And she always comes off court looking as if she could easily play another few games!

Following this game we plan to...: We will work with whatever combinations we have week by week!

Thanks to: Thanks once again to our reserves, our injured soldiers with their encouraging words from the sideline, Tess for her help in coaching and the supporters we have each week, that certainly helps keep everyone determined to do well.

Reporters Name : Gayle