Playing with passion

Date Played: 5/14/2016

Kia Ora Team: Team 8

Opposition Team Name: Vic Uni

Kia Ora Score: 19

Opposition Score: 26

The game was: The score doesn't reflect our performance. The girls started strong and were in the game from the get go. We never gave up and showed the opposition we meant business.

A highlight was : Every player played their part in ensuring that no matter the combination we were going to make it difficult for the opposition. They had amazing shooters, all credit to them but our defence never dropped their heads. Challenging every ball throughout court.
Very strong mid court today ladies. Lots of hussle and and great pressure. I'm sad to say goodbye and I wish you all the best for the rest of the season. Of course I'll see you at practice for a few more weeks to come but make sure you keep me posted on how your season progresses. Keep it positive and continue to support each other. Xx

A special mention to: Special mention to Emma our player of the day- awarded by Beth our side line supporter until her return from a knee injury. 
Also special mention to Amy J who had to come off court with a knee injury. I hope it heals quick!!!

Following this game we plan to...: Continue to develop as a team and work on our individual playing skills.

Thanks to: Big thanks to Rob for taking over the team. I have no doubt that the team will continue to strengthen under your guidance. Chris the 'stats guy' and manager I'm sure will be a great side kick. Positive for all.

Reporters Name: Abi Jordan