What did one netball say to the other netball? See you round.......

Date Played: 4/30/2016

Kia Ora Team: Team 3

Opposition Team Name: Victoria University 5

Kia Ora Score: 27

Opposition Score: 26

The game was: A tough battle from start to finish. No time for napping in this game.

A highlight was : We were down three players with varying reasons (Wedding, Wedding and oh wait a Wedding). This meant that with the assistance of sensational subs Jayna and Ali we got the opportunity to try out a different mid court combination. 

We were all square at half time with the lead swapping numerous times but neither side could pull it out further than a 3 goal lead, By the 3rd quarter it was us ahead by 3. All we needed to do was score off our own goal and we had it in the bag. We unfortunately let them come back in to it with a couple of turnovers - and with about 40 seconds to go it was all even with it being our centre pass. The girls held their nerve nicely, made the most of it and slotted the winning goal!!! 

Great win ladies, parts of it weren't pretty and we turned over far more ball than we should have, but a good solid effort for only the second game out and let's face it - A WIN IS A WIN!

A special mention to: Jeanne who was unflappable in the shooting circle against some pretty solid defence. After a nervous start it soon didn't matter where in the circle she was, Jeanne just continued moving her way around the circle, dominating the space and working well with Penny to pull off some impressive moves to slot goal after goal.

Following this game we plan to...: Win again of course!

Thanks to: Thanks to our amazing subs Ali and Jayna - you gave it 100% and slotted in without any problems at all. Thanks also to the support crew on the sideline - hope the family enjoyed it Hannah and thanks to all the other Kia Ora supporters - you're all awesome :)

Reporters Name: Becs Todd