Team 8 are great - with a win!

Date played : 30 April 2016

Kia Ora Team : 8

Opposition Team Name : HHF

Kia Ora Score : 33

Opposition Score : 16

The game was : After a not so flattering performance in our last game we came back firing. Stepping it up and staying strong as individuals and as a team. We focused on the basics and came away with a win.
We are competitive and focused on improving as players and we want to make it work for all. Great defence as always with Abby and Amaria being a formidable force trioed with Beth and Emma at times. Always having the pressure on and tightening up when required.
The mid court strong on the centre pass, driving and mixing it up to ensure there was always an option.
Amy and Amy make a great combo with accurate feeding and resetting when needed. Patience really paid off.
Our shooting circle was mixed up between Tash, Jen, and Erin. Jen looked hungry and worked the space well with Tash balancing her well giving feeders options. Erin rebounded and ensured that the ball stayed with us until it was sunk. Holly and Emma did a great job linking the court and staying on game even when it got challenging.

Fantastic umpires made the game just that much more enjoyable. In short- the coach was happy as all players are listening and trying! 

Special Mention to: POD Jen and Beth (if I had a third it would be Amaria)

Reporter Name : Abi Jordan