Such awesome discipline!

Date Played: 30/4/2016

Kia Ora Team: 1

Opposition Team Name: QM Coll 1

Kia Ora Score: 51

Opposition Score: 42

The game was: A tough rough game but us keeping our cool led to a great victory

A highlight was : Everyone executed their jobs perfectly . Once again we were stingy with our errors, and capitilised on most turnover ball we attained. An extremely physical game was played by QM Coll, sad to see in those so young who have real talent but spoil it with bad attitudes and dirty play. I was so proud of the team for resisting the urge to retaliate and enjoyed their calm and almost flawless play. Another blow when Bert went down with a knee injury but hopefully she will bounce back quickly. The coming weeks we will be struggling to field teams with a few absenteeisms coming up but we are lucky we have a good reserve list and depth in the club.

A special mention to: POD: Jordan who was relentless with her defence

Following this game we plan to...: Keep the momentum going and hope our injured members recover quickly.

Thanks to: Hannah and Kirstin for being sideline and all the wonderful supporters, we hope you enjoyed the show!

Reporters Name: Gayle Hare