KIAORA 4 Coming together nicely

Date Played: 30/4/2016

Kia Ora Team: Kiaora 4

Opposition Team Name: SMOG7

Kia Ora Score: 19

Opposition Score: 23

The game was: 100% better game from our 1st game. New combinations are working out nicely.

A highlight was : From the first whistle Kiaora 4 started off with great energy and positive attitude. With so many lovely new ladies joining us this year, it was great seeing some brilliant line of play and the team gelling together. Our 3rd and 4th quarters were our best. The more we will play together getting use to each other's game the better we will be. Very excited about this season. Most importantly everyone had fun on and off the court.

A special mention to: Everyone played their A game on Saturday. A special mention to our POD Miss Kristeena Page. Kris was on fire with her shots and following through with her rebounce assisted by the lovely Anna. Well done Kris

Following this game we plan to...: Keep moving forward and feeling positive about how we played.

Thanks to: Jaclyn Stilwell for bring our super sideline. Really appreciate you being there from Kiaora 4 girlies xx

Reporters Name: Robyn