Fighting spirit in low scoring game

Date Played: 30/4/2016

Kia Ora Team: 7

Opposition Team Name: Misfits 2

Kia Ora Score: 12

Opposition Score: 17

The game was: a huge improvement on grading and last game with an amazing intensity an determination from all players

A highlight was : how well the team is starting to click and work together. The second pass off the centre was working well, the moving of the ball through the centre court was a huge improvement and the intercepting and defence in the circle was lovely to watch.

A special mention to: newby in the defensive circle, Hayley and her partner in defence Briar with the awesome amount of intercepts and rebounds. Also to Jess & Jess in the shooting circle who had to contend with defence 3 feet taller than them.

Following this game we plan to...: work on moving in our attacking 3rd, making sure there's space and options.

Thanks to: the whole team who brought some fire to this game.

Reporters Name: Perdita Barnes