The Story of the Dancing Shooter

Date Played: 4/16/2016

Kia Ora Team: Team 3

Opposition Team Name: Wellington Girls 2

Kia Ora Score: 28

Opposition Score: 29

The game was: A battle from start to finish. For the first game of the season I couldn't have asked for anything more from the team. The cohesion and play throughout the court was like something you would expect after several weeks playing together, not for the first game. It's definitely going to be an amazing season that's for sure.

A highlight was : The dancing shooter was a highlight. Penny was having a tough battle combating some pretty full on man on (read climbing and hanging on) defenders and given the weak umpiring (not a criticism just an observation....) she decided to inject a bit of humour into the game in an attempt to draw attention to what was going on. What did she do I hear you ask? That's right Penny started dancing. Wave your arms in the air like you just don't care.... Add in a few twirls, dips and wiggles and it all looked very elegant. Funny though her partner didn't seem to want to join in and the umpire just looked on a little bit confused! 

Emma (WA) and Jeanne (GA) spent more time on the floor after being pushed over and out of court. Emma also provided the occasional piggy back for her partner to traverse the court (I think she was fatiguing and thought Emma would be kind enough to help her out). 

Megan, Courtnee and Hannah in the defensive end were outstanding. 

Anna (C) was instrumental in keeping the flow going through the mid court and keeping calm feeding into the circle to the dancing shooters.

Well done ladies - you managed to keep your cool in a very tough game and we will come back even tougher and stronger when we meet them next. Bring on the next game!

A special mention to: Courtnee was awarded player of the day for her sheer tenacity under immense pressure. She never once gave up and I lost count of the number of rebounds/tips/intercepts she got (promise I will take the game stats next week!) I think the attackers from the opposition may well be off for a bit of counselling today as Courtnee may well still be in their heads....

Following this game we plan to...: Take Sunday to rest your weary bodies (and heads as I suspect you will be feeling pretty dusty after Club night and dinner..... See you Monday!

Thanks to: Jenna from Team 6 for sitting on the sideline for us in case of injuries. We appreciate it!

By Becs Todd