Semis here we come!!

Date Played: 8/19/2017

Kia Ora Team: Wolfpack (team 11)

Opposition Team Name: Vic Uni 16

Kia Ora Score: 26

Opposition Score: 20

The game was: Wowsers this was a tough one and our opposition did not stop pushing us for mistakes. They were physical the whole game and their defence we really trying all stops rattle us, some legal but a lot that was illegal. It did not work for them but we were so lucky to have one really strong umpire who could see what they were doing and pushed both teams tidy up. Everyone played like it was their last game and for a few of our players it will be as they are away.

A highlight was : Everybody. It's the business end of the season and you all gave me 100% and I can't thank you enough for digging deep

A special mention to: Brit you had a blinder at WD and won a lot of loose balls and the centre pass you were all over it every ball! Ally your boxing out was legendary! Katie you were a monster in keeping her up high! Nina you were ferocious at C with lots of beautiful feeding into the circle. Katie C you rocked it at WA and put so much pressure on your opposition that also caused heaps of turnovers for us. Stacey at GA also caused 2 tips and 2 turnovers/intercepts. Bex you were a monster at holding

Following this game we plan to...: Training Monday night hopefully against a higher team

Thanks to: All our fab supporters

Little bit messy, but still a great win!

Date Played: 8/19/2017

Kia Ora Team: Kia Ora 9

Opposition Team Name: SMOG 11

Kia Ora Score: 32

Opposition Score: 12

The game was: A great win! This win secures us in Senior 4 for next season, or depend on the next two games go may allow us to push up into Senior 3! Unfortunately the game started off a bit chaotically with having no umpires a few minutes before the game... Coach Kansas ended up having to umpire the first half of the game until we finally got a second umpire down to our court. Not sure how good my umpiring was because I kept flicking between coaching and umpiring, all while trying to be as fair as possible. I think this slightly messy start is what caused us to come onto the court a little disjointed. Our passing as a little loose throughout the court, but luckily our hunger was up so we chased a lot of our loose ball.

A highlight was : Full court defense was outstanding this weekend, which is how we were able to keep SMOG to only 12 goals. Last time we played it was a much closer game. Several intercepts and tips throughout the mid-court disrupted their flow, and intercepts, tips and rebounds in the defensive circle stopped SMOG from getting their points up.
I was great to be able to put Katarina into WA and give our other middies a rest at the end of the game. It is a blessing and a curse to have such awesome players who can be put in a range of positions as I want to ensure everyone gets sufficient court time in the positions they like, as well as play with new combos.

A special mention to: Sina had her best game of the session this Saturday with two stunning intercepts and a tip in the first quarter she came on. Sina you were an option coming down the court on attack and you disrupted the ball on defense. Justine also had a stellar game this weekend in WA and C. Your feeds were on point and you're always on option on attack.

Following this game we plan to...: The girls are at the stage where I don't actually have that much more I can teach them! We'll just be doing some passing work on Monday to get that neat and tidy ready to face Wolfpack (I think.. ?) next weekend in the semi-final

Thanks to: Thanks to SMOG for a great game and for being okay with me umpiring the first half of the match. Also thanks to Bex for scoring for us, and always a huge thank you to our supporters on the sideline :)

'Netball's a non contact sport'......yeah right

Date Played: 8/19/2017

Kia Ora Team: Kia Ora 12

Opposition Team Name: Ories 4

Kia Ora Score: 27

Opposition Score: 33

The game was: This game was physical from the get go with lots of contact calls made against the opposition. The girls managed to settle in to playing their own game despite this and the seemingly unflappable Kirsten continued to nail every shot and annoy the two defence who were all up on her

A highlight was : The game was fast paced with well timed drives through the mid court, a number of turnovers in the defensive circle and some amazing feeding from Annette, Nic and Ang. This team are always so great to watch in our own shooting third. Kirsten held her ground, came out when needed and scored 21 of the goals. Ang moves around the top of the circle beautifully making an easy job for the feeders and Sophie had some awesome and well timed base line drives which really threw the opposition. Mel, Emily and Katy were a well oiled defensive team and managed themselves so well that I didn't need to do/say anything (which makes a change for me!)

A special mention to: Everyone gave their all in this game and the score doesn't reflect just how close of a battle this was. Player of day for me was Mel who got a number of tips and intercepts, has an amazing lean on her and was always available in the midcourt to bring the call down

Following this game we plan to...: Hand back over to coach Amy and watch their games whenever possible

Thanks to: Thanks to all the girls for having me and putting up with my sideline yelling

Winner in life, and now also in netball!!!!!

Date Played: 8/19/2017

Kia Ora Team: Kia Ora 13

Opposition Team Name: Vic uni 20

Kia Ora Score: 22

Opposition Score: 19

The game was: This game was epic because we WON!!!!!!!! Much like last week this game saw Stace and I both lose about 5 years from our lifespan (the ladies of 13 really know how to keep us on the edge of our seats/make us sweat on the sideline). We managed to take an early lead and hang on to it until the end, proving that we deserved and earned this win!

A highlight was : Too many highlights to mention in this game. Everyone played their hearts out and Stace and I couldn't be more proud or happy for you (we both spent the rest of the day telling anyone who would listen about the parents say does my waiter from dinner, my workmates and my friend Tim over in Sweden). Everyone fought damn hard for this and the ladies have never played better as a team

A special mention to: First win calls for a team player of the day. Shooters nailed their shots and rebounds, middies timed their drives, talked to each other, fed in to the circle with ease and managed a few turnovers, defence rattled the opposition, chased every ball and were generally awesome

Following this game we plan to...: Continue spreading the news of the ladies success (I have a few cousins who haven't heard the good news yet)

Thanks to: Thanks to all of the ladies of 13 who make it an absolutely joy and pleasure to coach you and watch your development as a team and as individual players. Also thanks to those from team 12 who stuck around to support us

Quarter finals here we come!

Date Played: 8/12/2017

Kia Ora Team: Team 8

Opposition Team Name: Misfits

Kia Ora Score: 22

Opposition Score: 20

The game was: Kanas was amazing to help coach my girls and they sound like we had an awesome come back in the last half. Well done ladies

A highlight was : Being behind is really hard. So digging deep and changing styles quickly to win the game is amazing.

A special mention to: Kansas thank you so much for helping me out and giving my girls the hard talk at halftime to get them back on track!

Following this game we plan to...: Training game and working on our combinations

Thanks to: Superstar coach Kansas!

Broken bodies and a humbling loss

Date Played: 8/12/2017

Kia Ora Team: Wolfpack

Opposition Team Name: SCOG

Kia Ora Score: 20

Opposition Score: 40

The game was: We went into the game with 5 players and 2 fill ins. We lost Eulah at warm up to a rolled ankle and Sharon to archilles injury. Thank you for hanging in there against our top of the table. They were relentless but I needed the remaining players to reserve their bodies for our quarter finals. This was not a must win so please brush it off.

A highlight was : Watching Katie just keep trying and pushing away and trying to get turn over after turn over. Every single one of you kept trying so well done and I was proud you never gave up

A special mention to: All of Team 12 who sideline, played and supported us through a bloody tough loss. Becky and Holly you were amazing and I can't thank you enough for jumping on to help.

Following this game we plan to...: Plan our quarter final. We have injuries galore and we need to plan this together so we can help each other out this week.

Thanks to: Everyone who supported us through our toughest game to date

What a win!

Date Played: 8/6/2017

Kia Ora Team: Team 8

Opposition Team Name: Vic

Kia Ora Score: 28

Opposition Score: 27

The game was: What an amazing result and I am so proud how we dig deep for the full 40mins. It was not easy and not a lot of fun but it sure was amazing to beat them!

A highlight was : Beating top of the table is not only crucial to our points but psychologically we now know we can beat top of the table we can win this grade! Which is priceless and the timing couldn't be anymore perfect leading into quarters finals

A special mention to: The whole team deserves a massive applause for their efforts. Defence, mid court and shooting circle all had to work hard and everyone got yelled at. Well done and congrats on the win

Following this game we plan to...: Getting in front is my number one and timing with drives/passing is my number two we need to work on

It was FUGLY but we won!

Date Played: 8/6/2017

Kia Ora Team: Wolfpack

Opposition Team Name: HHF

Kia Ora Score: 20

Opposition Score: 17

The game was: I am so proud of your win and what a supportive team you are to each other. We had four players away and we are very luck to have awesome fill ins!

A highlight was : We won team and it was ugly but I don't care because I know we are going to build solutions for the issues we had in this game. Some times you just have a bad day

A special mention to: Sharon has now saved our bacons quite a few times now and has been at more games supporting or filling in for us than some of our actual players! Thank you again for donning your Kia Ora uniform. I was also was super proud to show off a very special player who in my eyes in the wrong team and wrong grade, and man it was awesome to watch her dominate right from the first whistle. Well done Becky from team 13 you had a fricken stunning game!!

Following this game we plan to...: Get in front, our drives and timing was average this week

So close to double digits!

Kia Ora Team: Kia Ora 13

Opposition Team Name: Vic Uni 19

Kia Ora Score: 19

Opposition Score: 27

The game was: This game was hands down the best we've played as a team (Stacey is pretty gutted she missed it)! With Tiri back and Marie away, we needed to attempt a lot of new/relatively untested combos in order to make sure everyone got decent court time. While this should have made for one hell of a mess, all of the ladies took to each new position/combo with ease and the ball really flowed down court

Sam had a fantastic run at GA and nailed some fairly impressive long distance goals (which took at least 5 years off my life....please don't do it again)
Kate continues to prove herself to be an asset to the team as a holding GS and was shooting at around 90%
Tiri, Tara and Becky dominated the defensive circle and stacked up a number of intercepts and tips between them. Becky continued the defensive disruption to the opposition in the mid court when I unexpectedly threw her in to C for a quarter
Jo and Amy both worked on their driving in the midcourt, Jo got two intercepts and Amy is our most consistent talker on the court (calling out for the ball is something we struggle with a bit)
Kelsi managed to bear with me while I shifted her around from WA to C and then to GA, and was an excellent feeder in all of her positions. Especially loved the work as our GA/third feeder (this REALLY confused vic!)
Shona continued to prove herself defensively in stints at WD and C and nailed 5 clean intercepts in the last quarter alone!

The absolute highlight for me was a tip by Kelsi, followed by a yell of 'SHONA!' by Kate, whereby Shona turned around with her arms outstretched.....only for the ball to fall in to them. There was much confusion on court and laughter off court

As always this was a major team effort and as such I went with a team POD. Stand out moments from all those on court made it way too hard for me to pick basically

Following this we plan to work some more on our drives and making a bit more space in the mid court.....and drink at club night :)

Don't put it over that GD again!

Kia Ora Team: Kia Ora 9

Opposition Team Name: HHF 3

Kia Ora Score: 23

Opposition Score: 19

The game was: When knew that this was going to be a tough game, with only seven players available (and one being a fill in), and that we knew HHF would be a physical game. The girls of team 9 didn't let this phase them one bit! As you can see from the title, "Don't go over the GD!" was something I screamed often in this game, as she had extremely long arms that kept coming out of nowhere. Thankfully the girls are good listeners and they let me keep my voice for the rest of the game.

A highlight was : Katarina said at the end of the game, "guys, I think that's the best we've ever played," and I completely agree. Every single player came out firing from the first whistle on Saturday. At practice we'd worked on strong passes, the right passes and driving hard straight lines down the court. The girls executed this perfectly, and eventually came away with the wine. 6 out of 7 players got intercepts during game, with Michelle and Rachael each getting 4, Holly and Katarina with two each, and Justine and Aimee with one a piece, outstanding effort from all!

A special mention to: We had a team of the match rather than a player this week, as every single person was vital to our win on Saturday. 

Special mention to Katarina who came off the court with a very bent ("I can't move the end") finger which she had hurt earlier in the match a powered on through regardless - turns out she tore the tendon and will be in a splint for the next 6-8 weeks!!! :( :( :( Very upsetting that you wont be on the court with us for the rest of the season, but we're looking forward to having you supporting on the sideline.

Following this game we plan to...: Keep working on our passing and driving, and cementing those connections in attack.

Thanks to: Huge thank you to Rachael for playing with us this week. You were a star in GD! Also big thanks to your Mum for bring our scored :)

Lets find the best way to give Kansas, Bridget and the rest of the sideline a heart attack, and do that, and then pull it back in the last few minutes...

Kia Ora Team: Kia Ora 3

Opposition Team Name: Vic Uni 6

Kia Ora Score: 31

Opposition Score: 28

The game was: Amazing, stressful, incredible, tough work, beautiful, injury free, and overall a stellar game to watch. We had nine fit and healthy players ready to take the court, and all nine gave it their all out there, and it would have been so good to have all nine play full games.

The defensive effort from the whole team was fantastic! Five of the girls picked up tips or intercepts during the game, with Mereli taking the cake with 3 tips, 2 intercepts, 5 rebounds and an absolute STEEL off the floor around the side of the GS which was in a league of its own. Tash and Ash started in the circle strong, with Hope and Jenna sending in some beautiful feeds. Sophia came on firing at half time in GA, and Kaille started up her key feeding connection with Ash.
We were up by three in the first quarter, five in both the second and third quarters - so then we decided that we'd get out to a lead of 9, then let Vic 6 get within 1, and then push it back out to a lead of 3 in the last 2 two minutes, just to make it exciting :) 

Huge thank you to Bridget for being on the sideline to support the team, and also myself when making the hard decision of putting people in positions.

We've got two more games to go before the playoff - so two more games to cement ourselves into the top four. We've got this girls!!
Kansas x

Pipped at the post

Kia Ora Team: Team 6

Opposition Team Name: SN WAGS

Kia Ora Score: 20

Opposition Score: 27

We knew today was going to be a tough game with ex prem players in the other team, however we planned to play our game and have fun. We were drawn 10-10 at half time and we were completely in the game. SNWAGS surprised us with a space/zone defence and this was our first time coming up against this so was a bit hard to adjust. But with fitness on our side we were able to drive lots and show some patience to get the ball in the circle. 

We lost it in the last quarter and ended up losing by 7 however this by no means reflected the game. It was a tough game but really great to get pushed and challenged! Bring on next time.

Work ons: attacking when the other team are marking space. Also making sure we ease new combos into the game- with many options and changes in the shooting circle and midcourt we need to make sure we work new people in.

Special mentions: Alice and Beth. Alice for her consistency and hussle throughout the court, always being an option and great feeds. Beth was chosen by the opposition as POTM, she did so well defending a holding shooter and caused soo many turnovers. 

Well done girls. And well done to the whole team, a tough game but well fought!

Going from strength to strength

Kia Ora Team: Kia Ora 13

Opposition Team Name: Ories 4

Kia Ora Score: 14

Opposition Score: 22

The game was: This game took at least 5 years off my life and left me with a sore throat from all the yelling! We went in to this game knowing that it would be tough and physical, against a team who dropped from the grade above and were sitting at the top of the table. So when we were up by one at the end of the first quarter spirits were definitely high! The game was faster and more physical (especially in the circle) than we are used to and the team more than held their own on the court!

A highlight was : Our midcourt had an amazing game with well timed drives and everyone making a real effort to get in front of their partners. There were also some fantastic tips and intercepts within this area and all of the girls remembered to stick to their own game and slow the ball down (which rattled the opposition a bit). Centre pass off was also looking A LOT better this week!
Our defence had a massive challenge this week against a really strong GS in particular. Becky and Tara held their own though, with both getting a number of tips and managing to stand their ground in the circle (Not an easy thing this week!).
For our shooting combo of Kate and Marie it was always going to be a tough week as we didn't have any back up shooters. Both dug deep and had really great games. These two are starting to work really well together within the circle and Marie is learning to move as a GA when we switch things up without much warning!

A special mention to: POD this week went to Marie. We know GA isn't your favourite but you always give 100% on the court and stay positive! Some great driving off the centre pass off, an amazing goal in the first quarter and great positioning in the circle (with a couple of excellent rebounds)!
Tara and Becky also deserve mentions for holding their own within that opposition circle!

Following this game we plan to...: We lost a lot of ball in trying to force the ball in to the circle so will focus on our feeding with different combinations

Thanks to: Our support crew who come week after week and join us in all of the sideline yelling, our refs and Ories for a really challenging game