Important information for the 2017 season

With the upcoming season just around the corner, we thought we'd give you a little update about what's been happening.

First off - trial dates have now been set. Jump over to our 2017 season page to find out more.

The NWC Competition sub-Committee met on Saturday and we have confirmed the dates and format for the 2017 season. We are currently reviewing the rules, so they will be sent out soon, but in the interest in assisting with your planning for the 2017 season we can confirm the dates and format now

  • The first game of the season will be on Saturday 22nd April
  • No game on Queens Birthday (as usual)
  • Round 1 will finish on the 10th June (and therefore the Championship Round will start the week after on 17th June)
  • We will still have a split round during the School holidays (15th & 22nd July) due to national tournaments being held at the ASB Sports Centre on each weekend. So as is usually the case, teams will play on only one of these dates (not both)
  • The Championship Round will finish on 5th August, and therefore the 3-week finals go from the 12th to 26th August

The are several changes to the structure of the competition from what we had this year, so here are the basics:

  1. No Senior Grading Day – teams will initially be based on the finishing places from 2016. As is done with the Collegiate grades, the Senior grades are ‘open’ and places are subject to negotiation, so we may shift teams we deem to be in the wrong grade (both up or down).
  2. No Challenge Round. This means that there is only the one opportunity for Promotion/Relegation during the season (after Round 1). Promotion/Relegation will still happen in between seasons (so the 2017 Grand Final winners of each grade will be promoted for 2018, and vice-versa for the loser of the 7th/8th Playoff)
  3. There will be a 3-week finals (Quarters, semis and Final/Playoff). The format for this will be the same as used for the Challenge Round

Hope everyone has been having a great off season. We can't wait to see you all again soon, as well as meet new faces to the club!

Netfit Classes

Laura Langman is coming to Netball Wellington to run NETFIT Classes on 27 September 2016 at ASB Sport Centre.

This is a high-energy 45 minute netball gym class which combines explosive movement with strength and power exercises to music. The classes are all based on netball specific fitnessteamwork and empowerment.

All of this for just $25.
The following is the time table:

4 - 5 pm - year 5 & 6
5 - 6 pm - year 7 & 8
6 - 7 pm - College Students
7 - 8 pm - Club & Mens players
Numbers are limited so you have to be in quick.

To register click on this link

Teams for 2016 Season

Thanks and congratulations to all who played at trials over the past three weeks, here are the exciting lines ups for the 2016 season,

Team 1 – PREM 3     Training 6.00pm

Coach - Gayle

 Keely Beetham

Francie Graham

Katie Agar

Erin Roxburgh

Amy Williams

Sophie Day

Jordan Thorstenson

Rebecca O’Sullivan

Rebecca Roberts



Team 2 – PREM Reserve 1  Training 6.00pm

Coach - Tess

 Katie Rickerby

Rosie Gunther

Anna Thornton

Tamara Baker

Abbie Gwilliam

Kirstin Semmens

Amy Tye

Claire Campbell

Box Cameron

Bridget Tunnicliffe



Team 3 – PREM Reserve 2  Training 7pm

Coach – Bex Todd

 Ash Bell

Jeanne Barnard

Emma Bevin

Anna Koursakova

Hannah Bellamy

Nicole Harding

Courtney Walker

Penny Collins

Katy Gibb

Cat Prior

Megan Wix


Team 4 – PREM Reserve 3 

 Llani Harding

Kristeena Page

Robyn Fa'atui

Vai Madar

Alice Tait Jamieson

Natasha Lewis

Olivia Mouat

Liv Meyers


 Team 5 – PREM Reserve 4              Training 6pm

Coach – Ash Bell

 Chloe Winter

Kelsy Brown

Teresa Magan

Jayna Paddison

Penny McLean

Kate Bowan

Jayne Quarterman

Lucy Knowles

Stacey Garnet

Nathania Grierson


Team 6 – PREM Reserve 4              Training 7pm

Coach – Kirstin

 Sarah Milne

Erin Carter

Mayce Wong

Livvy Dunlop

Jenna Houpt

Keziah Alcorn

Alice McNicol

Kansas David

Ashleigh Head

Niquita Jordan


Team 7 – SENIOR 1                        Training 7pm

Coach – Perdi  & Abby

 Ally Jeppeson

Jess Wilson

Justine Nicol

Kylie Chapman

Kristiana Santos

Jacs Stilwell

Hayley van Gelder

Nicole Hutchinson

Briar Riddell

Tasenka Guilford


Team 8 – SENIORS                          Training 7pm

Coach – Perdi  & Abby

Erin Collier

Natasha Frewin

Amy Jackman

Gemma Cullen

Holly Maynard

Emma Kew

Amy Smith

Beth Christieson

Amaria George

Abby Collard


Team 9 – SENIORS                        Training 6pm

Coach – Nicole Harding

 Felicity Fozard

Michelle Hancock

Katie Little

Jess Whyte

Nicole Baxter

Rose Thomson

Ashleigh de Vries

Sarah Dowling

Christina Lynch

Steph Slattery


Team 10 – SENIORS                         Training 7pm

Coach – Bex Williams

Rebecca Powell

Kellie Langford

Sharon Charlton

Lauren Greenfield

Natalie McDonald

Eulah Bai

Katie Goulin

Stacey Owen

Carissa Skipper



Team 11 – SENIORS                         Training 6pm

Coach – Natasha Frewin

Kirsten Lantz

Tenille Nicol

Nicole Rarity

Annette Franklin

Emily McPhail

Lucie Edwards

Kirsty McDonald

Lizzie Jones

Katie Tayler




Team 12 – SENIORS                         Training 6pm

Coach – Tasenka

Mandy McGill

Emily Scogstad

Belinda Blane

Rhi Raxon

Isabel Weeks

Eva Murray

Siobhan Luus

Emma Bailey


Season Dates for 2016

Welcome and welcome back to all Kia Ora players, coaches and supporters for the 2016 season.  The following are some dates for your netball calendars..

9 April 2016 - Grading Day - for all Senior Teams and Premier 3.  

16 April 2016 - All competition starts.

23 April 2016 - ANZAC Weekend - no games.

4 June 2016 - Queens Birthday Weekend - no games.

11 June 2016 -  Round One ends.

18 June 2016 Round Two - Challenge Round begins.

9 July 2016 Round Three - Championship Round begins.

16 and 23rd July 2016 - Split round over the school holidays.

27 August 2016 - End of Championship Round (by now you and your team will be playing like a well oiled machine),

3rd September 2016 - Semi pressure.

10th September 2016 -  FINALS......yeah well a bit of pressure, but you have got this!



Kia Ora Club scholarship for school leavers

We are really excited to announce a new initiative aimed at supporting school leavers to continue their love of netball.  The scholarship will include mentoring and either subs or equipment subsidised for the lucky candidates.  

We're looking for players who are; 

  • About to leave or have recently left secondary school 
  • Aged 17 - 20
  • Have played at a competitive level 
  • Are passionate about the game 

If you fit this criteria or have any questions please contact Gayle , we'd love to hear from you.